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  • Why Gurukul

    Education is not something one acquires in the classroom. It begins the moment one is born and ends when one dies.
    Here at Gurukul, we give importance not only in imparting quality education but also in preparing each and every grammarian for future to adjust in the present employment scenario. We believe that ‘Action Speaks Louder Than Words’. Appreciating our sincere efforts our past grammarians and their parents has accepted that Gurukul has a lion’s share in placing them well in reputed institutions/ organizations.

    For this we go:

    1. Assembly Speech: students give daily news, thought for the day and speech on a particular topic.
    2. Class Assembly: Everyday, 8 students speak on different topics under the supervision of the class teacher & class captain & at the same time some questions on general awareness are also asked to students.
    3. Importance on Yoga: Yoga programmers are held for students & teachers, which is conducted by the Principal for their mental and physical fitness. Experts from outside Assam are also called at regular intervals to hold Yoga sessions.
    4. Command over Reading/ Writing/ Speaking in English, Assamese and Hindi: the Principal himself takes special PHONETICS class for the students & teachers so that they can write, speak and read with accuracy and confidence.
      For this, projects on Group Discussion, Debate, Creative Writing and Recitations are given to the students to evaluate their progress.
      Similar attention is also given to Assamese and Hindi.
    5. Mathematical Magic: Students are given to solve simple mathematical problems like 20+3-2x6=? And time required to solve 120 sums is calculated for all students. This class is conducted by the Principal from class IX.