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    Heartiest welcome to the Gurukul family. Gurukul Grammar School was established on 18th Jan’ 1993 with noble cause of imparting flawless and valuable education to the students of North- East. In that year, we started with 85 member of students whereas today after 14 years, in 2007, we are having almost around 2000 students. This could only be possible due to blessing of the Almighty, good wishes of the parents and guardians and dedicated service of my teaching staff. Today, our students are dispersed all over the world, well – placed and earning good name and glory for the school. 

    “Children are believed to be living jewels dropped from Heaven” . Hence, we pay attention to catering to their needs rather than the wants of the students. Plenty of good English medium Schools are cropping up and there has been a tremendous demand for them. In the convent schools of our city, it is not possible for all the children to get admitted there. Moreover, most of these schools follow the SEBA course which creates some problem for the children of parents with transferable jobs. Understanding the craze and demand for CBSE course, some of these schools have sought the affiliation of CBSE.

    Understanding the worth of English, the Government of Assam has passed out the circular that English should be imparted from the grass-root level. In fact, in spite of the fact that one-third of all schools in India are English medium schools, only 4% of Indians are fluent in the language though 30% of them understand it to some extent. This means that most English-medium schools don’t really teach English. The importance of English speaking fluently can be seen by a simple example that Sania Mirza is more preferred by the media that Anju Bobby George whose achievements are greater. She has made big bucks endorsing well-known products since companies think that she is articulate in English.

    What makes us different from the other schools is that instead of being ‘marks- oriented’ and ‘teaching shops’, we give stress to the full personality development of the students so that when they face the world tomorrow, they feel confident and well decisive about their future. Wrong education can do more harm than good. In fact, even environment can cause a child who is not prepared for it, to go to pieces.

    A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What one can be, one must be. I find ultimate solace with the children. My school is my own child build with care. To me, wide thinking, wide planning and wide action are great essentials to prevent crisis for future generations to struggle though. Thus, it is a noble job to make a child a TRUE HUMAN BEING. My heart will bleed if I see my school suffer.

    Our aim is not to create an elite society, forget their base or to create a gap with the parents. Our institution can always take pride in providing a platform to respect the culture, tradition and heritage of ASSAM along with moulding them to adjust to the changing trend of the modern society. Our aim is to make the school, their second home, so that they feel at ease. We want to implement our ideas to ideals and want that our work should speak rather than our words so that the students utter with awe, “HOW CLOSE IS PARADISE!”