Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
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  • Mother Teresa Road , Pub-Geetanagar,Guwahati- 781 020
  • General Rules and Regulation

    1. As the school is an English medium school, speaking in English in school campus is compulsory.
      Any violation of this rule will be dealt with seriously.
    2. Students are not allowed to chew pan, gum and supari in school or in school transport.
    3. Any student or his/her parents found guilty of indulging in any unnecessary activities in the
      school will be dealt with seriously leading to punishments including expulsion from the school.
    4. The pupils will see that the school premises and classrooms are not made dirty. The sitting arrangement should not be disturbed. Any damage to school property or loses should be reported immediately to the class teacher or the principal. Any willful damage will have to be rectified/mended by the student responsible for doing it.
    5. All students should come in proper school uniform.
    6. No pupil shall take part in unlawful activities. They will show perfect discipline inside the school.
    7. Students must be punctual for all classes and should participate in other activities.
    8. While moving from one class to another they should invariably move in queues and not disturb other classes.
    9. The school is not responsible for any article lost. It is not advisable to bring costly articles like watches, ornaments, etc to the school.
    10. All the students are expected to carry out instruction of the School Captain, Vice Captain and House Captain.
    11. NO student will be allowed to leave the school before the normal closing time of the school unless in case of sudden illness/accident in which case he/she will be sent home with an escort.
    12. P.T.  & Yoga dresses will be worn by all students on days notified.
    13.  Lost and unclaimed articles should be handed over to the school office.
    14. All students shall get into their classes immediately after the first bell is rung and take their respective seats assigned to them by the class teacher. Lights and fans should be switched off when students leave the room.
    15. Students will proceed to their respective classes in queue after assembly.
    16. Pupils must bring the prescribed text books & notebooks to the class. No books other than text books should be brought to the school.
    17.  Students should not go out of the school during school hours & shall not purchase anything from the vendors.
    18. Money should not be lent or borrowed, or articles exchanged.

    Library Rules:

    1. Books will be issued to the students only for a week after which they need to return back to the library. Late fee will be charged from the defaulters. However, there is provision to re-issue the book for another week.
    2. It is compulsory for all the students to bring their school diary for their library class & should enter the name of the book that they have read during the library period.
    3. Books damaged or lost must be replaced by the students.
    4. While borrowing a book if any defect is noticed, it should be brought to the notice of the librarian immediately.
    5. Students will enter the library only with the diary & a pencil and an eraser. All other articles are to be left behind in the class.
    6. After the period is over, it is the duty of every student to keep back the books in the proper place.
    7. No tracing or marking of any book is allowed which will damage the book in the process. Any damaged caused should be rectified by the concerned student.
    8. Complete silence is to be maintained inside the library.