Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
  • +91 9127752816/ 9127752815
  • Mother Teresa Road , Pub-Geetanagar,Guwahati- 781 020
  • Aim of the School

    1. To impart modern education through indigenous method of teaching.
    2. To teach our students to respect Indian culture and heritage and try to preserve our identity in place of following western culture blindly.
    3. Gurukul Grammar School has a distinct aim in the field of education. We do not believe in cramming some ready-made stuff and secure good marks in the examinations. Rather we strongly believe in slow and steady indigenous method of teaching subjects particularly Mathematics, Science, English Grammar and Mother tongue. We believe that-

      “The development of our country depends on physical, mental, spiritual, moral, intellectual awareness and love for motherland of our future generation.”
      We have been teaching our students in the direction to give them perfect education for their all round development. Our vision is clear, ambition is high, but our application is slow & steady. We hope to get success in due course of time.
    4. Ours in an English Medium school under CBSE syllabus. From nursery, our students learn English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Computer Science, Yoga & SUPW.
    5. We sincerely believe that our students should understand each & every word & sentences while they are reading English, Science & Social Studies.