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    From the Manager Desk
    A.K. Das
    The journey of our School has completed 14 years. The journey was full of struggle and at the same time many new developments took place by over coming the difficulties and hurdles. New buildings and up-gradation to Senior Secondary level, beautification of the school are the achievements.

    This website will give you necessary information and infra structure of Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School. We have a healthy atmosphere inside the School Campus having sincere and devoted teachers. We want you to be a member of Gurukul family by admitting your child in our School. You will not regret your decision..

    Message From The Faculty Members

    "Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than even their parents, for these only give them life, those the art of living well.”-Aristotle.

    We are a big family, closely knitted having the perfect working condition. Teachers play a very important role in energizing the school environment and the physical, mental, emotional and social development of pupils. All know, and feel that teaching is a noble profession. However, this profession requires more responsibility, eagerness and love for it.

    To talk about our dedication and professionalism is beating one’s own drum. But we consider ‘GURUKUL’ as our place of worship where we enjoy to be here mixing with the students, understanding them, trying to mould them to be better citizens of tomorrow, secure for them a happy and satisfied future.

    To face the students of today is always a challenge for us everyday. Each of them come from different environment, different caliber and different interest and trying to understand them fully requires patience and great will force. This ‘Driving force’ is because of the ‘efficient leadership’ that we find in the Principal of our school, Dr. B.K. Bhuyan, who always try for new innovative methods in the educational field.

    We can with true pride, claim that here, at Gurukul, we are doing fine job of teaching not only English but all subjects and try to make them well-grounded in general knowledge, speaking and writing skills, all the issues of importance, extra-curricular activities be it be, in dancing, singing, art and craft, music, sports, so that in this competitive world, the students land all the plum jobs avoidable in the sunrise of work areas. The students, we feel should not regret after they go out from Gurukul of studying here. If they do so, that will be our greatest failure. .