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    On 22nd November,2019 physical fitness programme for teachers was conducted by the honourable Principal  Dr. B.K Bhuyan. The same was conducted on 23rd November,2019 for the parents with the belief that children would follow their parents’ footsteps. Obesity , a rising factor seen amonst the present day youth is being a major hurdle in their way to success. Thus, keeping this in mind The Principal has started a month’s programme for the obsessed children from 2/12/2019.

    The school has observed Asom Divas on 2nd December,2019 to spread the message of unity and integrity. The Principal as well as the students delivered speeches on the occasion. In his speech he emphasized on Chaolung Sukafa’s contribution towards ‘Bor Asom’.

    For the smooth conduct of the morning assembly 100 students are trained to sing the Guruvandana, Saraswati vandana and the school prayer with perfection.